Timo Scheider

Timo Scheider battles his way through to the final after a problematic first qualifying round at Silverstone

For Timo Scheider, the weekend seemed to have already run its course after the first qualifying session, in which technical issues with the car had put him in last-but-one place. In the second session, however, Timo put in a fantastic lap, clocking the second-fastest time to catapult himself back into the upper reaches of the table.

With two solid runs in Q3 and Q4, Timo made it to the semi-final in ninth place. Here, the All-INKL Racing Team driver was running fourth for a long time until Kevin Hansen spun on his joker lap.

Scheider, who had just played his own joker, hit back immediately and qualified for the final in third place.

In the final itself, Timo drove a terrific race, narrowly missing the podium with fourth place overall. This heroic performance was enough to take the former DTM champion up to eighth in the WRX overall standings.