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2019 Dates

05/04-07/04 WRX, Abu Dhabi (UAE)
27/04-29/04 WRX, Barcelona (E)
13/04 VLN2
11/05-13/05 WRX, Spa-Francorchamps (B)
18/05 6H qualifying race for the ADAC TOTAL 24H
25/05-27/05 WRX, Silverstone (GB)
15/06-17/06 WRX, Hell (N)
20/06-23/06 ADAC TOTAL 24H
06/07-08/07 WRX, Höljes (S)
03/08-05/08 WRX, Trois-Rivières (CDN)
31/08-02/09 WRX, Lohéac (F)
14/09-16/09 WRX, Riga (LV)
09/11-11/11 WRX, Killarney (ZA)

Fascination Rallycross

The races are held at racetracks – on both gravel and asphalt. Spectacular jumps and regular contact in countless explosive wheel-to-wheel battles thrill fans, both at the circuit and watching on television. The series currently consists of 12 two-day events from the opener at Barcelona (Spain) to the season final in South Africa.

Each event consists of a free practice, four qualifying heats two semi-finals and the final. The entrants are pitted directly against each other, rather than against the clock. Up to five cars compete against each other in a qualifying session, with the fastest driver being awarded 50 qualifying points (the following 42, 40, 39). The final points are then awarded once all four qualifying sessions have been completed. The top 16 point scorers are awarded final points from 16 to 1.

The top twelve drivers in the qualifying sessions make it into the two semi-finals, with six entrants performing six laps in each case. The top three finishers qualify for the final. The fastest driver gets six points, the second fastest fife, till the slowest driver, who gets one point.

The final likewise comprises six laps completed by six drivers, and points are awarded as follows: 8,5,4,3,2,1. A maximum of 30 points can be scored during an event (16 + 6 + 8). The driver with the most points at the end of the weekend is the winner. The points scored by a team’s two drivers are added together in order to determine the team rankings.